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LFR5201 20KDD roller bearing textile printing machine guide bearing

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LFR5201 20KDD roller bearing textile printing machine guide bearing 12*35*16mm

LFR5201 20KDD Feature

1.20mm guide track

2.High precision quality

Technique Infomation Data

ProductionLFR5201 20KDD roller bearing
Guide type20mm
MaterialGcr-15 bearing steel
Sealed type 2RS
Textile Oval printing machine 

LFR5201 20KDD roller bearing.jpg

guide roller bearing 5201.jpg

u shape tracking bearing.jpg

LFR5201 20KDD Delivery &Package

delivery and package.png

SG series package.jpg

Production Line 

roller bearing production line.jpg


Q1:How about your technical support of bearings?

1).Our bearings are produced in modern facilities using state of the art manufacturing techniques.

Q2:How about the quality of bearings?

2).Quality emphasis in all production processes coupled with 100% inspection for critical performance characteristics ensure

product consistency.

Q3:What kinds of bearings you can manufacture?

3).We produces standard and custom ball bearings,roller bearings.We also produce custom bearings designed for your special needs.


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