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Shenzhen hong cheng precision bearing co.,ltd is mainly committed to high precision, high speed, high sensitivity , low noise, long life of miniature bearing. Including Deed groove ball bearings, Roller bearing,Flange bearing,Flat bearing,Miniature linear bearing ,Non standard bearing. Production base is located in Ning bo ,zhejiang province, has passed ISO9001:2000 the CPC international quality management system certification. With Rich technical experience, Advanced process equipment,Perfect testing equipment,Hongcheng precision bearing standing in the top of the bearing industry.

Hongcheng precision bearing are widely used in Different industries. Machinery, electronic mechanical,Automation,Household appliances,Medical equipment, Electronic tool , Transportation Sports Equipment,Skates etc. With stable quality ,Reasonable price. Hongcheng Precision bearing are popular in the world.

For long-term development, Hongcheng Precision Bearing not only focuses on the improvement of product quality, but also focuses on personnel training, and is committed to building a team with perfect service. Achieve a win-win situation for every customer that Hongcheng Precision Bearings cooperates wit

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Contact : Mr.Jimmy

Tel : +86 755-28993894

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Address : Building A, Baocheng Taizhihui Industrial Park, No. 8 Caiyun Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen



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