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Bearing Application MR105 YOYO bearing For Games

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Yo-Yo. according to legend, in the 16th century, among the hunting and fighting equipment used by the hunting people of the Philippines, a heavy object was hung on the front end of the rope as a weapon. In 1700 AD, Yoyo spread from China east to Nagasaki, Japan, west to India, and from India to Europe. In Japan, Yoyo is vividly called a "wheelbarrow" or "money wheel" and is very popular among young Asians. In the early 18th century, Yoyo became popular in Britain as "Prince's Treasure" and in France as "Norman Yoyo", especially in the upper class of France and Britain. Since then, the name of this toy and "yoyo" spread from France to all over the world.

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Yo-Yo,not only a sport, but also the most fancy, hardest and most ornamental hand skill sport in the world. Some people say that the yo-yo is an educational toy, and the yo-yo is not a simple educational toy. Yo-Yo, a term familiar to everyone, is often understood as a childish toy for children. In fact, Yo-Yo is called "the second oldest toy in the world." (The oldest toy is a doll). After many years of continuous innovation and development, yo-yo is becoming a popular hand skill sport all over the world. Because every golfer's style and his own fancy styles are different, there are so many kinds of technical fancy styles of yo-yo, which can be said to be a sea of techniques. There are currently five mainstream fancy groups, and there are thousands of fancy types in each group, and there are still many new fancy styles being researched every year.

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It can be divided into three types: standard, butterfly and super wide weighted butterfly.

Standard type: suitable for quick hitting and simple tie-in movements, suitable for beginners.

Butterfly: It is suitable for more complicated wiring movements, and is the best choice for beginners to advance to intermediate level. But it is not suitable for fast playing.

Ultra-wide weighted butterfly: special for masters, it is a ball for competitions, the structure is mostly ball bearings, the idle time is the longest, and the line is easy to set up

Drum type: Suitable for fast play, but it is not easy to tie the line.

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