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Bearing for 3D printer machine 3D printer bearing accessories

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1.3D Printers 

3D Printers (3D Printers) for short (3DP) is a magical printer designed by an inventor named Enrico Dini. It can not only "print" a complete building, but also In the spacecraft, print the shapes of any objects needed by the astronauts. But what 3D prints out is a model of the object, and it cannot print out the function of the object.

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On February 3, 2016, Lin Wenxiong's research group from the 3D Printing Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Fujian Institute of the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences broke through the key technology of rapid prototyping of three-dimensional objects that can be continuously printed for the first time in China, and developed a super fast continuous Printed digital projection (DLP) 3D printer. The speed of the 3D printer has reached a record 600 mm/s, and a three-dimensional object with a height of 60 mm can be "pulled" from the resin tank in just 6 minutes, and the same object is formed by traditional three-dimensional light curing. It takes about 10 hours for SLA to print, which is 100 times faster! 3D printing realizes the industrialization of space.

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2.3D printer accessories roller bearing

Roller bearing using for the linear guide

MR105 3D printer bearing 

625 deep groove ball bearing 

SG  series bearing

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