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Fidget spinner-R188 Bearing application

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Fidget spinner is a small toy with a bearing symmetrical structure that can be freely rotated on the finger. It consists of a two-way or multi-directional symmetric body as the main body, and a bearing is embedded in the middle of the main body to form a design combination that can rotate on a plane. A new type of object. The basic principle of this object is similar to that of a traditional top, but it needs to be grasped and moved with a few fingers to make it rotate.

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The fingertip spinner has only one main physical effect, which is to rely on the bearing rolling principle to achieve the rotation effect. To play the fingertip spinner, you only need to use the pinching force of the thumb and another finger to provide a fixed fulcrum, and then use the third finger to move it. It can be rotated. In addition, the design, shape and structure, main materials and surface treatment of the fingertip top are not the same, and the appearance innovations are also endless. Therefore, the rotation effect of the fingertip top is diversified and plastic.

What kind of bearing is suitable for fingertip spinning tops? 

All lightweight bearings are available. The most popular use bearing Model is R188, 608,606 etc

1.U shape spinner bearing R188 

Ring Material:Chrome steel 

Ball Material: Chrome steel

Feature: Price economic 

u shape fidget spinner bearing.jpg

2. V shape fidget spinner bearing  R188

Ring material: Stainless steel

Ball materials: Stainless steel/Ceramic ball 

Feature: High cost suitable professional player


There a lot other materials were use by different Fidgets spinner manufacturer. Also you can find different design of the spinner in the market. 

cartoon spinner.jpgfidget spinner bearing.jpgspinner.jpg

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