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Bearing for Fishing Reels Mini Deep Groove Ball Bearing Application

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1.The composition of the fishing Reel

Fishing reels, also called fishing reels, reels, and reels, are called fishing carts in ancient times. They are one of the necessary fishing tackles for throwing (sea) rods. They usually have crank handles, rocker arms, check buttons, main body, casters, A wire reel, wire reel, caster nut, wire hook, wire shell, force relief device and other 11 main components are a wire-retracting transmission device. The fishing tackle fixed in front of the handle of the caster constitutes a fishing set for the caster. The main fishing tackle.

Mr74 bearing fishing reel.jpg

2.How to distinguish the quality of fishing reel?

How to judge the quality of a fishing reel? There are many fishing vessels on the market, and customers generally do not know how to distinguish the grade of fishing vessels when they buy them. They can only judge by the basic price. In fact, most fishing vessels have three grades: high, medium and low. First of all, we simply divide the product accessories configuration. High-end fishing reels are what we call high-end fishing reels. Generally, there are more bearings, and the wire cup must be made of aluminum alloy. Of course, there are some more high-end whole Fishing reels are all made of metal. Especially for spinning and fishing reels, there are 4+1BB, 5+1BB, 6+1BB, 7+1BB... and even 11+1BB and other different bearing numbers on the market. 4+1BB means 4 ordinary bearings, plus a one-way bearing. The one-way bearing controls the direction of the fishing reel. It just walks in one direction and cannot be reversed. The ordinary bearings are installed in different parts, such as the main body. , Wire wheel, rocker arm and other positions. In this way, the bearing with more bearings reduces the wear between the parts of the fishing reel, which not only prolongs the life of the fishing reel, but also makes it easier to shake and save effort when fishing. The workmanship of the product is more exquisite. The surface paint of the product is mirror paint. Secondly, the middle-grade fishing reel is generally equipped with a single or double-color aluminum reel. The number of bearings is about 3 to 8. There are no one-way bearings, and they are basically ordinary bearings. , The main body is made of engineering plastic, and the surface paint is one or two sprays. The workmanship is more exquisite. Generally, it is an easy-to-fold swing arm. The handle is equipped with a soft rubber non-slip handle. Low-end fishing reel, mostly plastic electroplated wire cups, and even more spray-painted plastic wire cups , The number of bearings is relatively small, generally 1 to 5 bearings, the body of the fishing reel is made of engineering plastic, and the surface is painted once. The rocker arm is generally a straight ordinary rocker arm or an easy-to-fold rocker arm.

bearing application B.jpg

3.Which types of bearings are commonly used in fishing reels?What material?

As we have mention in part 2. The quality and quantity of the bearing determine the quality of the fishing reel.What material the mini bearing for fishing reel.

--Stainless steel bearing

The frist Choice is Stainless steel.Compared with ordinary bearing steel, stainless steel bearings have stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. Choose suitable lubricants, dust caps, etc., and can be used in an environment of -60℃~+300℃. Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can resist corrosion caused by moisture and a number of other media. This type of single row deep groove ball bearing is the same as the standard deep groove ball bearing made of carbon chromium (rolling bearing) steel. It has a deep bearing raceway groove, and the degree of fit between the bearing raceway and the ball is extremely high. Stainless steel bearings are also due to high mechanical strength and large load capacity.That is why chose the stainless steel frist.

miniaturer ball bearing reel.jpg

--Chrome steel bearing

Chrome steel has high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, and high elastic limit.But anti-rust and anti-corrosion is not good as stainless steel. The environment of the fishing reel is close to the water source.

fishing reel bearing.jpg

--Other material(plastic)

Plastic bearing for reels is in very economic market.

Type of bearing coomonly used in fishing reels as follow

Stainless steel MR74

Stainless steel MR85

Stainless steel MR105

Stainless steel 687(3mm)

MR85 deep grove ball bearing.jpg

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