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Skateboards Bearing Application-Maintenance of skateboard bearings

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Deep Groove bearing Use for Skateboards

Skateboard bearings are not as precise as those of the yo-yo, because there are eight bearings and four middle locks on a board. It is best to replace all eight bearings. This is necessary no matter which shaft explodes first.

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1.Bearing cleaning

The cleaning of the skateboard bearing is very simple. Take the bearing off the board, wipe off the oil and stains on the bearing with a paper towel, and wipe off the inner wall of the wheel. Changing the wheel on the left, right, front and rear is good for the smoothness of the bearing. It is cleaned about once a week. The high temperature generated by the rotation of the bearing when using the plate will close the rubber of the wheel to the bearing wall, causing inconvenience when changing the wheel or bearing. Therefore, remove the bearing and install the wheel frequently. To avoid trouble, the bearings can be cleaned at the same time.

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2.Bearing oil

Remember to apply oil after cleaning. The range of oil is very wide. Cooking oil is fine. However, some people say that the bearings you buy are soaked in gasoline for a week. This is a waste of gasoline. If you buy them, you need to clean them after a week. It does not matter if the bearing is oiled. The bearing that has just been bought has lubricating oil to store the oil to prevent the bearing from rusting. When the plate is used, the oil can be sent out of the bearing. When cleaning, remove the oil used for the first time. Oil, these oils do not play a lubricating effect, just like the measuring cylinder can not be heated only to measure the role of liquid, only to prevent rust, but the plate bearings that are often used are difficult to rust.

3.Bearing rust

The bearing will rust when it touches water. If you want to continue sliding after passing through the water, the moisture of the wheel will evaporate quickly, and it will evaporate after about 10 meters of sliding.

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4. The Bearing Items No. for Skateboards

608 2RS  carbon steel/Chrome steel

627 2RS carbon steel/Chrome steel

607 2RS carbon steel/Chrome steel

608 skateboards bearing.jpg

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