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Two type of bearing application for skates:Ceramic ball skates bearing and carbon steel skates bearing

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Roller skating is called in many Chinese versions, such as roller skating, skating, skating, and roller skating. But up to now, it is called roller skating, but it does not deny the previous name, because these are all correct.


Roller skating is a great means of transportation. If you choose the right type, you can use both quad roller skating and inline roller skating, but the double-row roller skating wheels are smaller in diameter and have high hardness. , The tolerance to the road is poor, and you need to change to a special street brushing wheel if you want a comfortable street brushing. This problem does not exist in single-row roller skating.

Skates ABEC-7.jpg

1. Ceramic ball skates bearing

Ring material: Gcr-15 (bearing steel)

Ball material: White /Black ceramic ball

Precision level: ABEC-9/ABEC-11

Feature: Good wear resisterance, High speed, Smoothly moving.

Market: High quality and big brand skates company 

ILQ skates bearing.jpg

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2.Carbon steel skates bearing 

Ring material: Carbon steel

Ball material: Stainless steel

Precision: ABEC-5/ABEC-7

Feature: Price accepted by all the people. very economic.

Market: Economic market. popular in the country and the small city.

Carbon steell skates bearing.jpg

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Skates bearing.jpg

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