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RC Car bearing-What is RC Car ?Want your RC car runing speed?What type bearing suitable for RC car ?

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1.What is RC Car?

The remote control model car, referred to as RC Car, is a reduced version of various real racing cars. It has the same mechanical principles as real cars, similar structure and handling characteristics, as well as the amazing speed that makes super sports cars feel uncomfortable! Take an eighth-scale remote-controlled car on a flat road as an example. It can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 1.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 km/h. This performance is already comparable to the world's most technologically advanced Formula One racing car. Flat, and shame all supercars. The reason why remote control models are considered "Hobby" rather than "toys" is that remote control models require players to have certain knowledge and skills, which are fundamentally different from toys that can be played after they are bought. Players can not only have fun in the control model, but also constantly learn new knowledge in the model, exercise their thinking and practical skills. Therefore, the remote control model is definitely a hobby for the body and mind, although driving a remote control model car cannot control the steering wheel while sitting in the car , The car can only be controlled by a wireless remote control, but in fact this kind of thrill through the eyes is not inferior to sitting in a real car, because you can enjoy the thrill of lightning-like speed and strong cornering ability. If speed is not your pursuit, you can choose a remote control car with a high degree of symbolism or various interesting functions, such as watching a container truck walking in a mess or driving a truck to conquer rugged roads. It is also a fun remote control enjoyment.

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2.Want your RC car runing speed?

The main factors affecting the speed of the remote control car are the design of the car body, the quality of the servo, and the quality of the bearings.

Remote control model cars can be divided into two categories according to the source of power. The first category is the "EP RC Car" driven by a battery/electric motor, and the second category is the "GP RC Car" powered by an internal combustion engine. For remote control model cars, the strong explosive power is the focus of the competition arena. The model cars are divided into proportions, namely 1/28, 1/18, 1/10, 1/8, and 1/5. For example, 1/10, which means that the size of the model is about one-tenth the size of the real car.

As RC car enthusiasts. The design of the car body and the quality of the servo, we can not do much change on them when we play it. if want change , it will cost too much . if we are not professonal. we will damage the car oringnal design.

What we can do is to chose a better bearing. That is very important parts for RC car enthusiasts.The bearing requested for RC Car need with double rubber sealed. Material Chrome steel

Precision At least ABEC-1.

RC car bearing.jpg

3.What type bearing suitable for RC car ?

First is Thin section bearing 6700 2RS and 6701 2RS. there different model of RC car. we just take few popular use bearing take samples 

6701 RC.jpg

6700 2RS.jpg

Seconds is Miniature Deep Groove ball bearing MR128 is the most popular model as follow 

MR128 Car kit bearing.jpg

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