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What is SG series Guide Roller bearing?which models are there ? How they install?

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I.What is SG series Guide Roller bearing?

SG series Guide roller bearing was Used chrome steel Gcr-15 Material.Which after vacuum quenching and tempering treatment, specific higher strength and wear resistance.

Series SG high precision Guide roller and series LFR roller have the similar performance. However, the solely design allow series SG guide roller can be used for those flat and very limited spance.after installing. it will not extrude too much.

SG series Roller bearing.jpg

SG series Guide Roller bearing Feature

  1. Double row steel ball 

  2. U type grooved roller bearing

    u type guide roller bearing.jpg 

  3.  V Type Grooved roller bearing

    HC precision roller bearing.jpg

II. Hong Cheng Precision bearing SG series Guide roller models and Dimension As follow:

Item Number Inner Dia(mm)Outer Dia(mm)Width(mm)

III. How the guide roller bearing installed.

The assembly principle of rolling bearings: Generally, the assembly of rolling bearings includes press-fit assembly method, temperature difference assembly method and power frequency induction heater.

1. Before assembling the rolling bearing, choose an appropriate cleaning agent and method to clean it according to the anti-rust method of the rolling bearing.

2. Use inner and outer micrometers to check the inner diameter of the bearing sleeve and the diameter of the journal before assembling. The fit tolerance must meet the requirements of the drawing.

3. The rolling bearing is installed in the split bearing housing. There should be no gap between the joint surface of the bearing cap and the bearing housing, but a certain gap should be left at the sockets on both sides of the bearing outer ring and the bearing housing. The side clearance of the tile mouth can be measured and checked with a feeler gauge. If the clearance is too small or the phenomenon of "clamping" occurs, it can be scraped to increase the clearance.  

4. Rolling bearing assembly includes driving method, pressing method and hot mounting method. In the hammering method, a copper rod or sleeve should be used as a tool to transmit force to make the force acting on the bearing symmetrical. The press-in method uses a press instead of hammering and still uses the casing to transmit force. It is strictly forbidden to use flame to heat directly during hot charging. Use 80~90℃ hot oil for heating, and the oil temperature should not exceed 100℃. The bearing should not be in contact with the heating oil tank seat when heating, and the bearing should be hung in the middle of the oil layer to avoid local overheating and annealing.

The heating time shall not be less than 15min, and the inner sleeve shall be expanded to the required value before assembling. There should be no pause during the hot-assembly process, and the bearing should be quickly installed in the correct position at one time. If the steel ball cage in the bearing is made of oil-resistant plastic, it should be heated with water, but the water should be wiped dry in time after assembly.

U grooved roller bearing.jpg

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