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What are the materials of the bearing cage?

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What are the materials of the bearing cage?

The bearing cage has a great influence on the performance and life of the rolling bearing, and the selection of its material is particularly important. The cage material should have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, impact load resistance and dimensional stability.

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Bearing cages are generally divided into stamping cages and solid cages.

1. Stamping cages

Stamping cages for small and medium-sized bearings generally use high-quality carbon structural steel strips or steel plates, such as 08 or 10 steel. According to different uses, brass and stainless steel plates are also used.

2.Soild cages

Large-scale bearings and bearings with small production batches generally adopt machine-made solid cages, which are made of brass, bronze, aluminum alloy and structural carbon steel.

Precision angular contact ball bearing cages are usually made of phenolic laminated cloth tubes.

In recent years, my country has developed engineering plastic cages. Its typical material is glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 (GRPA66-25), and its working temperature is -30~+120℃. This kind of material has light weight, low density, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, good sliding properties, easy direct injection molding, low manufacturing cost, and has been used to manufacture a variety of bearing cages.

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