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How to maintain and maintain thin section bearings?How to disassembly?What to pay attention to?

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How to dissasembly thin seciton bearings ?

For the maintenance of thin Section bearings, the first step is to disassemble the slewing bearing. When disassembling, first remove the wheel and save it, and then remove the bearing. For a solid bearing, you can use some tools, but it is worth noting that the bearing should not be damaged. , Otherwise it will lose the meaning of maintenance. The following are some common thin-walled bearing removal methods and precautions, you can refer to it.

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1.Disassembly method of thin Section bearing

    (1).Cold demolition method. When disassembling a smaller bearing, you can use a suitable punch to gently tap the side of the bearing ring to remove it from the shaft. A better method is to use a mechanical puller. The grip should act on the inner ring or adjacent parts. If the shaft shoulder and the bearing seat hole shoulder are reserved with grooves that can accommodate the puller grip, the disassembly process can be simplified. In addition, some threaded holes are machined at the position of the hole shoulder to facilitate the bolts to push out the bearing. The force required for large and medium-sized bearings is usually greater than that provided by mechanical tools. Therefore, it is recommended to use hydraulic power tools or oil injection methods, or both. This means that oil holes and oil grooves need to be designed on the shaft.

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   (2).Hot dismantling method. When disassembling the inner ring of the bearing, the thermal disassembly method is suitable. Two commonly used heating tools: heating ring and adjustable induction heater. The heating ring is usually used to install and remove the inner ring of small and medium-sized bearings of the same size. The heating ring is made of light alloy. The heating ring has a radial slot and is equipped with an electrically insulated handle. If you often disassemble inner rings of different diameters, it is recommended to use adjustable induction heaters. These heaters can quickly heat the inner ring without heating the shaft. When disassembling the inner ring of a large cylindrical roller bearing, some special fixed induction heaters can be used.

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2.Precautions for disassembly of thin section bearings

   (1) The drag force should be continued to the extent it should be. For example, when installing the bearing, the screw pump should stop applying force when the bearing is just installed in the correct position to ensure that the end face of the ring (washer) is against the seat hole or the shoulder of the shaft. The end face can neither be squeezed too tightly nor installed in place.

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   (2) The resultant force of the applied force should pass through the axis of the oil-free bearing as much as possible. For plastic pumps, the force point must be uniform, symmetric and stable, and force applied through a spherical surface or parallel to the axis.

   (3) Avoid applying force through rolling elements. For diaphragm pumps, this requires force through the inner ring when assembling and disassembling the inner ring (shaft ring), and force through the outer ring when assembling and disassembling the outer ring.

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   (4) The applied force should be stable and uniform, and should not have impact. The self-priming pump requires the use of oil pressure or tools that can apply a stable pulling force or pressure. When hammering is really necessary, it must be passed through a copper sleeve, etc. Softer metal without falling chips is cushioned, and the percussive force is as gentle as possible. It is recommended to use a copper rod or copper hammer for hammering.

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