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Why we need regularly inspection of flange bearings? How to inspection of flange bearing?What are the factors of flange bearing failure?

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Why we need regularly inspection of flange bearings? 

Regular inspection of flange bearings is an important task to maintain the bearings in the best condition, and it can also reflect the discovery of problems. Matters needing attention and related knowledge about the bearing in use.

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How to inspection of flange bearing?

1.Keep the flange bearing lubricated and clean

We want to emphasize that it is very important to keep flange bearings lubricated and clean. Therefore, before we inspect Hongcheng flange bearings, we should clean the surface of the bearing first, and then disassemble the parts around the bearing. Everyone should pay attention that the oil seal is a very fragile part, so you need to be extra careful when inspecting and disassembling. Do not apply excessive force to avoid damage to the parts. Then carefully check the oil seal of the bearing and its surrounding parts. If it shows bad symptoms, be sure to replace it. A bad oil seal will cause damage to the bearing and cause the bearing to cloud abnormally and cause the equipment to stop.

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2. Lubricant used in flange bearings

We also need to check the lubricant of the bearing. Lubrication is very important, not for bearings, but also for all flange bearings. But please note that too much grease should not be added to flange bearings.

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What are the factors of flange bearing failure?

Flange bearing failure is often due to a variety of factors, all of the design and manufacturing process factors and bearing failure, their analysis is not easy to determine. Under normal circumstances, under normal circumstances, you can consider and analyze factors and internal factors.

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1. Flange bearing Installation

The main factors used for adjustment are installation, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair, etc. to meet technical requirements. The installation condition is one of the factors that use the bearing is the primary factor that often causes incorrect installation of the state between the various parts of the package, the load-bearing factor, operation in abnormal conditions and early failure. According to the technical requirements for installation, use, maintenance and maintenance of flange bearings, the bearing contact load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication status of the operation are monitored and checked. If the abnormality is found, the cause will be found immediately and adjusted back to normal.

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2. Flange bearing material

The influence of the metallurgical quality of flange bearing materials is the main factor in the early failure of rolling bearings. With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as bearing steel, vacuum degassing, etc.), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of raw material quality factors in the failure analysis of flange bearings has been significantly reduced, but it is still one of the main factors of bearing failure. Whether the selection is appropriate is still a rolling bearing failure analysis that must be considered.

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